The Interdisciplinary INT 95 series is designed for first-generation scholars at UCSB. Over the course of three quarters, students are introduced to the rich variety of academic disciplines and campus resources to support them both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Courses emphasize the partnerships between academic faculty and professional staff and take a holistic approach to student success.
  • Each course follows a similar weekly format with lectures by faculty and small group discussion sections led by staff and graduate students.
  • Exploring student development theories and best practices - our classes are highly interactive and experiential, often held at resource locations across campus.
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INT 95 Series

INT 95 courses are designed to introduce first-generation college students to the research university environment and resources available at UCSB.

It examines the mission of the modern research university and introduces Promise Scholars and other first-gen students to the different kinds of work that faculty and staff are engaged in at UCSB, from the administration of the University to faculty research and the production of creative projects.

Lead by Academic Initiatives Director Mark Shishim.

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Interdisciplinary (INT) 95A:

Introduction to the Modern Research University (Summer and Fall quarters) is designed for first-year students.

This course provides an overview of how higher education works, academic disciplines are formed, and support services new students need to thrive.

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Interdisciplinary (INT) 95B:

Introduction to Undergraduate Research (Winter quarters) is designed for first or second year students.

This course demystifies research processes and methods, explores the variety of ways to become a research assistant, and connects students directly to research and funding opportunities.

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Interdisciplinary (INT) 95C:

The Second Year Experience (Fall quarters) is designed for second year students. This course explores academic and co-curricular goal setting during the pivotal second year. Students design detailed graduation plans and connect with the resources to achieve them.

In addition to ongoing student, faculty, and staff feedback, our team conducts senior focus groups each spring quarter to explore the impacts of the courses. We are constantly updating materials, collaborating with campus departments, and redesigning course elements.

If you are a:

  • Faculty member who would like to speak about your work, discuss the future of your field with students, or recruit students to your labs, please join the INT 95 series.
  • Staff member who would like to mentor students, host small group discussions in your department, or connect to a campus wide intervention over 30 weeks, please join the INT 95 series.
  • Student who wants to make the most of their university experience; please join our INT 95 series.


Correspondence & questions
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