Black Student Survey

The first Black Student Survey was administered by the Black Resource Committee in February 2017. We hope the survey will be implemented every two years to allow tracking improvements, declines, or persistence of issues over time. Download the 2017 Black Student Survey Summary here. [Lettersize Survey Summary--this version may be easier to print than the large folded version]

Survey Format

The Black Student Survey included both quantitative and qualitative questions, grouped into 11 sections:

  • About your college choice (11 questions)
  • About your enrollment (5 questions)
  • About your major (5 questions)About you (4 questions)
  • About your family and home (11 questions)
  • Local housing (11 questions)
  • Your sources of financial support (16 questions)
  • Your academic experience (38 questions)
  • Personal support at UCSB (16 questions)
  • Beyond campus experiences (6 questions)
  • Community experiences (17 questions)

with a final catch-all "Anything you wish we knew but didn't ask?"