About the BRC

Founded by VCSA Dr. Michael D. Young and Dr. Claudine Michel, the Black Resource Committee includes administrators, staff, students, and faculty who have shown a clear commitment to Black students. The ultimate goals of the committee will be to increase the enrollment and retention of the Black students at UCSB and to create an educational and social climate that supports their success.

Ultimately, we hope that this committee will:

  1. Assist with enrolling more African-American, African, and Caribbean students on campus;
  2. Improve the rate of success and academic achievement of the entire Black student body at UCSB now and in the future;
  3. Positively affect campus climate and diversity at UCSB.


  1. Encourage efforts to increase the number of applications submitted by African-American students to UCSB and the enrollment of more African-American students at UCSB
  2. Establish standing meetings between this committee and UCSB’s Black student population to develop open channels of communication and ensure that the institution is more aware of the students’ needs, challenges and the best kind of support that can be offered
  3. Help coordinate existing and/or new programs and activities that may improve the retention of African-American students and lead to higher levels of educational achievement
  4. Facilitate networking, mentorship, and research opportunities
  5. Leverage institutional data and assessment efforts to identify programs that improve both the retention of African-American students and the campus climate
  6. Foster the institutionalization of practices that demonstrate UCSB’s commitment to supporting African-American students’ scholarly endeavors  and personal growth and well-being
  7. Advocate for a campus climate that is more supportive and inclusive of diversity in general.


Black Resource Committee Foundational Documents